Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we get. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, please call us.

Hiring a portable toilet when you’re hosting a party is a great way to avoid people traipsing through your house or office. We deliver and pick up at a time that suits you, as well as offer cheap overnight rates. Our Portaloos are also ideal for providing lavatory facilities during emergency situations and disaster relief (e.g. after a cyclone), trade shows, festivals and outdoor job sites such as construction sites.

If you require a large number of portable toilets, outside what would be classed as ‘normal’, advanced noticed well ahead of your events or construction site would be much appreciated. For short-term hire, we can generally meet your requirements straightaway.

Our team has specialised in Portaloos for more than 15 years, so if you give us the approximate number of people you need to cater for we can suggest the number of toilets you’d need to ensure there are adequate facilities.

When the toilets are due for collection or full, we use our designated vac truck to extract the waste inside the unit. This process is quick and usually only takes a quarter of an hour. Once the unit is dry, the waste can be removed from the premises.

Choose a central location on a level surface, easily accessible to your guests and within 6–7m of where our vac truck can park for easy waste removal. If you are unsure, our friendly delivery drivers can find the perfect spot.

Yes, there is the option of connecting it to electricity or gas. Call us to discuss your needs.

This is dependent on the source of the water pressure.

Based on 4 people having 5 minute showers once a day. A small 9kg SWAP’n’GO gas bottle will generally last about two weeks.

Yes. We offer same-day delivery.

Please contact us to discuss our competitive and affordable rates.